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Istanbul : The Capital of empires... The city that dominated continents... The cradle of civilisation... The meeting point of civilisations... These are some of the phrases that describes Istanbul. Yet neither words or any amount of reading or listening are sufficient to truly describe and become familiar with the city. Only when you walk along its historic streets, when you see with your own eyes the architectural masterpieces of Byzantines and Ottoman empires in their original settings, when you enjoy the panoramic vistas of its unique location, and when you start to explore its mystical beauties - only then you will begin to discover, and fall in love with Istanbul.

Istanbul is the most developed and largest city of Turkey, and the latest discoveries indicate that the history of human habitation goes back to 400 000 years ago. The Megarians settled and founded the city of Byzantium that later lent its name to the Byzantine empire. However, the first settlers in the region established their city Chalcedon (Kadikoy) on 'the land of blind people' which was strategically less important. And the Megarians, led by an oracle, became aware of the beauty of Seraglio point (Sarayburnu), and they established their city there on the opposite side of the Chalcedon.


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